Red Stitched Leather Kolhapuri Sandals

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This red stitched style takes around 4 months to make. It has the finest quality stitching which is distinguishable by the sewed line on the center of the shoe. This was made with camel leather and includes a pinky ring (can be taken off), subtle red stitching, and beautiful leather sewing. Unisex.

History: Dating back to the 13th century, Kolhapuri chappals have been used as an everyday shoe by royal families and common people alike. They are handmade, vegetable-tanned leather shoes that are all made in a village called Kolhapur in India. These sandals can still be used today as a daily shoe and people often fall in love with them over time. Because it is raw leather, the shoes will adapt and become softer as you use it more and more. At first they are tight but after a week or so they become softer, darker, and tailored to your feet. With these shoes, the beauty is in the details. Every shoe is handmade by leather artisans that spend months to make each pair. They are intricately designed and made the same way, without compromise. They also act as a great art piece that you can hang!

Note: This pair may take up to 15 days to ship.